Buying From Us

First, thank you! You have choices when it comes to spending your money, and we appreciate the support. We have found the CNC community to be really awesome!

We are bootstrapping our business, and what that means is we only spend money on what we can afford. No debt. No over-extending ourselves. So, to get started, we are dropshipping our kits and products from suppliers that have proven themselves in the CNC market. In time, we hope to carry inventory and we need to build the business up before we can get there. Your support helps us.

Below are specifics you may want to know about each vendor we represent. Of course, if you have any questions, contact us!

Based out the UK, Ooznest has been faithfully serving the U.K. and European market with high quality 3D printing and CNC kits, materials and support. When you buy a Ooznest product from the CNC Kit Company, your item will be dropshipped from Ooznest in the U.K. via FedEx International Priority. We will inform you when your item ships. Since you are importing the item, you will be responsible for the import duties and taxes associated with the equipment value. For the USA, this will likely be 4.2% of your commercial invoice. The actual value of the purchase will be used on the commercial invoice.

Should you need support for the products you buy from Ooznest, feel free to contact us or Ooznest directly. We will work together to serve you. We also recommend checking in with the Ooznest community on the OpenBuilds forums.